Outreach and Sustainability Plan for Project: Token

Outreach and Sustainability Plan: Project: Token

Community Resources – in a couple of sentences describe the benefit of the collaboration.

Dr. Shireen Campbell | Chair of the English Department | The English Department could direct me toward financial resources for funding operations, scholarly resources about decolonial poetics, and effective models for community-based narrative work.  

Ms. Kristin Booher | Director of Civic Engagement & Bonner Scholars |The Center for Civic Engagement and the Bonner Scholars Program could provide campus and community wide channels for disseminating information and outreach.

Dre Domingue | Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion | The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, specifically the S.T.R.I.D.E. Program, could provide campus and community wide channels for disseminating information and outreach.

David Graham |Director of Student Health and Well-Being | The Center for Student Health and Well-Being would definitely provide 1) campus and community wide channels for disseminating information and outreach and 2) vital commentary about successfully using arts in health and wellness.

College Communications | College Communications shares the Davidson College story through a variety of communications platforms, including the college website, video, publications, social media and earned media. In terms of creating high-quality content it would be imperative to partner with Davidson College’s official media team!

Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement | The office of Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement (DACE) strives to integrate the arts into the daily lives of students, faculty and staff. The office supports and works closely with the departments who foster intellectual and artistic growth of the visual, performing and literary arts at Davidson College. Specifically, the office could provide funding and campus-wide channels for community outreach.

Professor Alan Michael Parker | Advisor of the FreeWord Poetry Group | FreeWord would act as the first collaboration with a student organization! A seamless relationship.

Ms. Jessica Cottle | Archives and Special Collection & JEC Advisory Council | Supported by the archival portion of the JEC Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant, The JEC Advisory Council, composed of Davidson College students and recent alumni and led by the JEC Project Archivist, Jessica Cottle, was created in 2019 to document and publicize the ways in which students have engaged with and responded to historical and contemporary manifestations of injustice and inequality in Davidson and the surrounding area.

Project: Token will become a creative, digital archive and could be implemented into the Davidson College archives!

Dr. Laurian Bowles | Commission on Race & Slavery | In keeping with Davidson’s commitment to the quest for truth, the Commission on Race and Slavery will assist the college community in building a comprehensive understanding of the college’s own history, which is intertwined with the institution and legacies of slavery and the lives of enslaved persons. The Commission could provide great scholarly resources for Token’s framework for decolonial poetics. Alongside, of course, the community and campus-wide channels!

Mr. David Holthouser | Physical Plant | I would partner with Physical Plant in the creation of Token Walls.

Mr. Thomas Espenschied | Digital Media Specialist | Ms. Sundi Richard | Assistant Director for Digital Learning | Daniel Lynds | Instructional Designer | The Website!

Dean McCrae | Dean of Student’s Office | A beneficial endorsement.

President Quillen | President’s Office | Another beneficial endorsement.

Social Media

I will need to connect with all my Davidson community on social media. I need to begin circulating news about Davidson to Davidson. With my current trajectory, once I graduate a can shift to a more intentional focus on off-campus dialogue about tokenism. Right now I will do preliminary research about decolonial work being done on other campuses!


Project: Token will grow as a core program in the non-profit organization S.I.L.E.N.C.E. The project will grow according on where I’m employed after graduation. But regardless, I will begin planning sustainability as if I’m not going to be on Davidson College’s campus. My bare minimum will be slow but the project will still grow!

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  1. The list of specific people, departments, and organizations shows what a good community builder and networker you are. You understand the networks of power and opportunity on campus, and know how to connect with people and take advantage of opportunities in person. How can you expand this network more broadly with social media? Your ambitious plan would benefit from a list of specific platforms, accounts, and hashtags, as well as a timeline of activities. Your sustainability plan should indicate what you’ll have finished this semester, and what you plan to maintain or expand after the semester, again with specific project time frames. (See assignment specifications)

    You have the vision, creativity, charisma, and commitment to make Project Token a success. I’m worried, though, that your visionary dreams are going to collide with the time and space constraints of this upended semester. Your next step should be to revise your strategic plan and sustainability and outreach plan in line with assignment specifications, as well as in accordance with the necessity of shifting to online education, which requires us all to scale back and set specific, manageable goals for the rest of the semester.

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